We also strongly believe in commercial Karma. This means that by creating and delivering great products, we are doing our part in promoting the welfare of our clients, our suppliers, our community, and the planet.

We help our clients to amplify the impact they have on their customers and staff while simultaneously giving back to make an impact on our world in the most of positive ways.

Strategically Savvy

Over the Top Promotions is a boutique promotional marketing agency that provides strategically savvy merchandise to IT businesses who want to make their brands memorable and stand out.

Our team specialises in concept to completion campaigns that increase brand recognition and recall. We work also closely with global IT organisations on campaigns that gain and retain their market share.

Over the Top Promotions is based in Sydney and we provide branded merchandise to Australia and the APAC region.

We have over 20 years of experience in the marketing field and IT industries. Coupled with strong organisational and communication skills, exceptional work ethic, and knowledge of trends, we work closely with each brand to work out the best way we can incorporate branded merchandise into their marketing mix to help support all their marketing activities.