We know the value of connection at Over the Top Promotions. In today's globalised markets, your promotional efforts need a partner who understands and can implement your vision. We specialise in Asia Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) and bring your brand to the global stage, ensuring your promotional products resonate with your target demographic.

Daily Delivery, Multiple Methods

With dedication, our team ships daily into the APJC region. Our logistics network is our pride, offering a variety of transportation ways to match your demands. Our customised solutions ensure that your promotional products reach on time, every time, from airfreight for urgent deliveries to affordable sea transportation for huge consignments.


Dedicated to Your Success

We give results, not just promotional products. Our effort to lowering environmental effect without sacrificing efficiency shows our commitment to your brand's success and our world. We will implement your marketing goals in the most sustainable, impactful way feasible using our APJC network and experience.