Our brief was to create a ‘Welcome Pack’ for new students for when they arrive to Australia. The goal was to make their lives a little bit easier for them by already having everything set up for when they arrive. We were creative on how we incorporated the design of the company logo onto the products as well as ensuring the products and design suited the client’s accommodation décor. We incorporated the colours of the brand into the pack with the branding on some products.

We wanted to convey to the students was that we can provide a premium, stress free way for you to arrive with everything done for you and delivered it in a cool way. We were able to successfully do this all in the colour scheme of the client and put all the products in a plastic tub that the students could reuse for storage. We were able to distribute these packs to all the different client offices in Australia.

Over the Top Promotions added value by sourcing the products, creating the packs and delivering them as one shipment. We saved them $51,000 by bulk ordering from overseas. Having consistency of the brand colours through the pack and money saved when creating them. Our aim was to build brand awareness and also showcase the premium stress free way of life at our client’s facilities.

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