Looking for ways to
Virtually Connect
your team or clients?

  • "Looking for an experience that will keep them engaged throughout the virtual event?"

  • "Looking for something a bit different but still allows the sales team to nurture and build the relationship with the client?"

We Manage the Whole Process
We offer:

Our Packages

Custom Staff Packs
Virtual Fitness Packs
Virtual Networking Packs
Cocktail Making Packs

Cocktail Making Classes

Our Virtual Cocktail Making Classes presents you with your own Bartender who will walk you through each cocktail and allow the team to give their feedback. You choose the number of Cocktails and the design of the pack and we do the rest!

Beer O’Clock

Want to bring the Pub to you? Why not arrange a networking or staff event while we arrange a pack to be sent to your customers and clients?




Virtual Cooking Classes

Looking for something a bit different and a way to connect the team? We arrange a number of different cooking classes and we send the pack out to all your customers or clients with everything they need in it, ready to cook!


Looking for something custom for your clients or customers? Let us put together a concept of what is possible within your budget.




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