Cool new IT Products

Cool new IT Products

As we come towards the end of yet another technologically innovative year we are still seeing more new tech items on the market and I’d like to let you know which ones I think will be trending this month!

At the moment a very popular item is the Hover Wireless Charger / Mouse Pad as it has a huge branding potential and serves as a functional desk item! In a busy office environment where most people have a work phone that sits on their desk all day, a mouse mat is a perfect place to keep the device charged.


A new product to hit the market that has been selling is the Round Glow 3 in 1 Illuminating Cable which charges most mobile devices and has a handy key ring attached. This product is best suited for laser engraving as the LED lights from within the round attachment light up your logo.


The Urban Explorer Commuter Bag is perfect for carrying your devices when travelling to and from work and features anti-theft security with a discreet main compartment and zippers to help prevent theft. The backpack is made out of durable polyester material with a heat and water-resistant panel on the front with reflective safety stripe. The inside of the commuter backpack has two padded pockets for storing a laptop and tablet that secures with an elastic strap.


Wireless chargers are still incredibly popular at the moment and one of the best ones out there is the Maximus Inductive Charger Power Bank. The Maximus contains enough capacity to recharge most phones on the market 2+ times and tablets up to 50% and can be charged up to 300 times. Similar to the Hover Wireless Charger, these power banks have huge branding potential when using a direct digital print.


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